PERFORMING at the OPENING CEREMONIES! Special Olympics Washington State Spring Games

Special Olympics Washington State Spring Games 
Go4Gold and Sing the Blues!
June 2nd & 3rd

"Let me win, but if I cannot win,  let me be brave in the attempt!"
- Special Olympics motto -

Amanda and I have always thought of United by Music North America as being a sort of Special Olympics for Music! Though it isn't a direct match-up comparison, the heart, bravery, and dedication it takes to give your all for something you love and do your best are at the core of both programs.

In this, our fifth performance year in this country, one of our dreams has come true: To bring our talented group of musicians to entertain during the Opening Ceremonies for Special Olympics. The path from idea to reality for any big dream is made up of many small steps that come in the form of phone calls, letters, email, reaching out to someone who might know someone who might also see the perfect fit!

Each person along the way moved the ball forward toward that goal. Several of United by Music band members are also Special Olympic athletes and two will be playing in these statewide final games as well as be on the grand opening stage to entertain thousands of athletes and their families and friends.

Special thanks to Sandy Hall and the Bowen Family for making the connection with Joe Hampson Special Olympics Washington. VP Sports and Community Outreach who immediately understood our passion for connecting the athletes with music. We believe there is every possibility that some of the athletes in Special Olympics will also be very musically talented and therefor may have an interest in being in this performing band program. The support of Dave Lenox, President and CEO of SOWA has also been important to bringing United by Music to these statewide games.

On June 2nd and 3rd in Tacoma, WA we will begin that discussion through performance at the Opening Ceremonies plus in a special workshop open mic for ALL athletes and families! During the time not in competition the athletes and families are invited to come to THE CAVE on the Pacific Lutheran Campus where our band and professional music coaches will be hosting a super fun session of performance combined with letting everyone who wants to, have a turn on stage.


The concept that Joe, Amanda and I have is to bring the United by Music performance-based program to all the SOWA participants in all the regions of the state.

Debut of NEW SONG for Special Olympics
written  by United by Music North America artist and his mentor
to be performed for the first time at Opening Ceremonies !

Patrick Blue, a Special Olympics athlete and a United by Music North America artist wrote this song in 2011 in collaboration with one of his mentors, Timmer Blakely about the Special Olympics – Olympic Town experience. For several years they, as well as Patrick's parents, have tried to have this song brought to the attention of Special Olympics. As I mentioned above, the path to all of these ideas is sometimes winding and for a variety of reasons, that effort was stalled. As Amanda and I began to work with the Joe on the presentation for Opening Ceremonies, we suggested that we include Patrick's song as part of the performance. After hearing it, he agreed!

MORE FUN! Athletes from all regions of Washington state have been selected to join us on the big stage to sing this special song, as well as our United by Music North America theme song.

All of this will follow the parade of athletes, color guard and singing of the National Anthem, which will be performed by Nick Baker, pianist-vocalist, who is a member of the United by Music North America band.

Join us in Tacoma and celebrate the accomplishments of the artists of United by Music North America and the athletes of Special Olympics Washington!

Details for United by Music North America Special Olympics weekend activities:
We're joined this weekend by UBMNA pro musicians Polly O'Keary, Tommy Cook & Willie Straub
Friday June 2nd Opening Ceremonies including Parade of Athletes and performance by United by Music North America
7:00-8:30 PM in Olson Auditorium at Pacific Lutheran University

Saturday June 3rd Play Music, Hear Performance, Sing have Fun! Interactive Session!
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM at THE CAVE in Anderson University Center, Room 140 Pacific Lutheran University. Join us for 10 minutes or an hour whenever you have time between the competition activities. Explore and have fun with our United by Music artists, families and professional musician mentors! Everyone welcome!

Details for Special Olympics Washington Spring Games

Barbara Hammerman

Amanda Gresham
Producing Artistic Director/Co-founder
UBMNA v.m. 253.225.7655

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